Thursday, February 24, 2011


My reaction after reading Nature News' recent article on the Templeton Foundation.
Quoted in the article: "'Religion is based on dogma and belief, whereas science is based on doubt and questioning... In religion, faith is a virtue. In science, faith is a vice.' The purpose of the Templeton Foundation is to break down that wall, he says — to reconcile the irreconcilable and give religion scholarly legitimacy."
Religion doesn't have scholarly legitimacy? Or is he implying that only science does? Which sciences in particular—is physics more legitimate than biology? And what about history, linguistics, literature, government, economics, and other non-scientific fields? Are these to be dismissed because they achieve their knowledge base by means other than the scientific method?

I love science; but I love the Triune God more. I don't care much for religion, as it distracts people from the very God they purport to be worshipping. But if science and religion (that is, God) are "irreconcilable" then I am a walking contradiction. Rather, I think the real issue is that everyone wants desperately to believe that what they are filled and occupied with is the real meaning of the universe. By definition, however, science is not the meaning of the universe but one of many means by which we investigate our universe. God, by definition, is the meaning of the universe, and the universe is meaningless without Him. The real contradiction is to not be filled with God. To quote The Economy of God
If we do not contain God and know God as our content, we are a senseless contradiction.


  1. I like that: "Everyone wants desperately to believe that what they are filled and occupied with is the real meaning of the universe."

    I just completed a short study of my own. When I say "Jesus is Lord," I'm in the Holy Spirit. How about some peer review and supporting studies? Anyone? Can you verify my findings?

  2. A few hundred years ago SCIENCE said strongly that the earth is flat, and even before that SCIENCE said that the earth is carried by some giants on their back... today science is at the most what man can understand about life and the universe. But when you receive God and enjoy God, you have the meaning of the universe in you - and though sometimes you can't "scientifically define it", you have it! Just as you have the human life and you can't really define it scientifically, but you enjoy it, live it, and have it! Praise the Lord for this wonderful Triune God coming into us to be our life and the meaning of our human existence!