Thursday, October 30, 2008


I really enjoyed a hymn with some other believers in Christ tonight. In the collection of hymns (appropriately titled Hymns), published by Living Stream Ministry, it is number 325.

Others have written an account of the background of this marvelous hymn (see the book Hidden Pearls, chapter 7), so I will not describe it again in detail.

Rather, what we enjoyed tonight was that Christ Himself is our satisfaction. Inside every human being is the longing to be satisfied. While we may try to fill this desire with many different things, physical, intellectual, even spiritual, ultimately everything other than Christ leaves us thirsty. But some can say, as the first line of the chorus of this hymn does, "Hallelujah! I have found Him." As long as we keep coming to the Lord Himself, putting aside all other things including doing things for the Lord, we will be satisfied.

One final thought about this hymn tonight regards the last line of the final stanza, "My Redeemer is to me." Not "My Redeemer gives to me" but " to me." Miss Clara Tear Williams (her story is detailed in the previously mentioned book), who wrote this hymn, may have realized that the Lord Himself is our satisfaction. It is not merely what He gives us, but His very person coming to us, staying with us, and interacting with us, that ultimately satisfies our deepest longing.

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  1. Amen! His person is our goal, focus, our satisfaction. We don't have to concern ourselves with all the random junk in our lives...we don't even have to worry about how to serve Him. We just need to eat Him as the rich and free bread, drink Him as the ever springing water, and receive Him as our untold wealth and it will all come effortlessly. I really liked that word you used, "effortless". Even our pursuit of Him isn't a "work", but something restful and enjoyable!